The Bradshaw Classic European home, nestled in the heart of Alpine, Utah, proved to be a professional delight that transported us across the Atlantic with its architectural allure. With homeowners directly from the Great Britain, this residence demanded nothing short of the enchanting charm that graces the landscapes of European estates.

In the dining expanse, the echoes of Old English style resonated as Thin Brick elegantly adorned the walls. Our signature “Sloppy and Washed” technique, usually reserved for an antique, cozy patina, was carefully subdued to allow the natural wood floors and the intricate kitchen tiles to take center stage. At the owner’s behest, the brick, a canvas of history, was artfully painted in a resplendent white, a testament to the homeowner’s vision.

Upstairs Main Bath Ascending the stairs, the main bath beckons, bedecked in Atlas Encaustic cement tiles on the floor, weaving a starburst pattern that reverberates with the tapestry of design throughout the house. The shower alcove, akin to the kitchen’s soul, echoed a familiar dance with a smaller 1” White Hex tile for the floor and a 3×6 Snow White subway tile that embraced the walls. Here, subtlety danced with intention – the Snow White tones of the subway tiles complimenting the softer shade of the floor cement, like a harmonious symphony of whites.

Master Bath The Master Bathroom ushered us into a realm of elevated elegance, where a timeless 12×24 Carrara Premium Marble styled Porcelain graced the floor, exuding sophistication. The classic 3×6 Snow White subway tile, a familiar companion from earlier chapters, adorned the shower walls, their pairing a symphony of harmony and design continuity. The 1” Vintage White Matte Hex returned, its presence marked with an intricate border of the 1” Vintage Black Matte Hex, a chiaroscuro dance of light and shadow.

With a knowing nod to craftsmanship, the client’s desire for floor-to-ceiling glass walls presented a unique challenge. We adorned the ceiling with tiles, a strategic move to prevent the perils of steam-induced mold or paint issues. With a Brick set tile, we embraced a herringbone design, a calculated maneuver to avert any visual dissonance between wall and ceiling.

The Bradshaw Classic European home stands not just as a structure but as a reverie, a symphony of textures and designs that transcend time and geography. Each element, each tile, speaks of a meticulous journey, a union of creative spirit and artisanal finesse, a masterpiece that will echo with elegance for generations to come.

Here is the showcase video of this amazing house: Bradshaw Home Walkthrough | Utah

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