Homely and inviting is what this house is all about! Nestled within the picturesque expanse of Utah County’s countryside, we had the privilege of transforming the homeowner’s vision of a modern farmhouse into a living, breathing reality. By meticulously blending timeless materials with a dash of uniqueness, we skillfully manifested the elegant, modern haven our clients had dreamed of.

In the heart of the abode, where the kitchen and living areas merge seamlessly, we unveiled our beloved and genuinely authentic Thin Brick. Embracing the prevailing trend of open-concept floor plans, we masterfully wove a tapestry of coherence. Our artistry didn’t stop at mere installation; we crafted a rustic-yet-refined charm by employing our signature ‘sloppy and washed’ grout technique. It’s akin to a well-kept secret, ensuring that our newly laid brick appears as though it has stood the test of time, evoking the essence of the revered “German Schmear.”

Stepping into the realm of the Master bath, our mission was to conjure an ambiance of elegance while seamlessly syncing with the modern farmhouse aura that enveloped the dwelling. A careful dance between porcelain and marbles, judiciously woven to harmonize with the budget, allowed us to achieve this visual opulence.

We played with defined lines and a playful array of geometric shapes, where the elongated hexagon floor flirted with Carrara marble picket accents and 4×4 Carrara Hexagons, creating a symphony of formality rendered in contemporary notes. The horizontally laid pickets and the generous embrace of large showerheads extended the farmhouse spirit into this exquisite sanctuary.

For the boys’ bath, our endeavor was to maintain the modern elegance while infusing it with a hint of rugged masculinity. The choice of slate, with its inherent texture and raw charisma, was a masterstroke. The dynamic interplay between Montauk Black slate and glossy grey tiles painted a vivid modern tableau, boldly climbing the shower wall in a charismatic herringbone pattern that effortlessly heightened the visual drama.

The whimsical irregularities of the Natural Stone Craig hex melded harmoniously with the Slate Herringbone, evoking an endearing sense of charm and authenticity.

Throughout the entirety of the Snow project, our devotion was unswerving. Each stroke of creativity, each meticulous installation, carried the torch of our unwavering commitment to excellence. The result? A symphony of design that harmoniously blends modern sensibilities with timeless elegance, each corner infused with the essence of our clients’ aspirations.

View the house video here: Snow Home Walkthrough | Utah
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